Continuous Delivery Without XL Test Is Like Skydiving Without A Parachute

By Andrew Phillips

Getting new features to users fast is the overriding imperative for many, many organizations right now. That’s why we make a deployment automation tool and a pipeline orchestrator to help teams implement Continuous Delivery and Devops and realize the promise of Agile.

But there’s no point figuring out how to deliver software at warp speed if everything starts breaking. Nothing will kill your Continuous Delivery as effectively as a couple of high-profile production failures.

We’ve built XL Test to allow you to deliver at breakneck speeds without breaking your neck. XL Test aggregates all the test results from all your test tools so you can make sense of all your test data in one place and make efficient, reliable and, ultimately, automated go/no-go decisions as quickly and as often as you need:

Put simply: trying to do Continuous Delivery without a tool like XL Test is like skydiving without a parachute. Luckily, I have a copy to take with me:


If XL Test sounds interesting and you’d like to join our beta programme, please drop me (aphillips at xebialabs dot com) or any of us an email.

Start making sense of all your test data and make more rapid reliable, efficient go/no-go decisions today!